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2024 Timber Frame Workshop

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In the spring of 2023, we hosted our first ever Timber Frame workshop.  Over the course of two weeks, 20 people camped on the land and, using only hand-tools, cut traditional joinery into timber posts and beams.  By the end of the workshop, we raised a beautiful, multi-purpose building where we now gather, host events and performances, and showcase art. The workshop was taught by Vermont-based timber framers Ariel Schecter (who also designed the building) and Dawn Robin.  (Check out photos and videos of that workshop.)

In September 2024, we will host another Timber Frame Workshop. Once again, the workshop will be led by Ariel and Dawn. This time we will build two small cabins. Over the course of one week, we will use saws, chisels, and hand-drills to cut the joinery into large timber posts and beams, and conclude the workshop with a community-powered hand-raising by assembling and erecting the two timber-frame buildings.


The workshop will be held at Chinkapin Craftstead ( near Woodbury, TN.  The Craftstead is a 280-acre land project surrounded by beautiful woods, abundant springs and friendly neighbors. This workshop will be hands-on and participatory. Food is included in the cost of the workshop.  Attendees will camp on the land (unless they wish to make other arrangements.) We are on the grid and our amenities are basic but comfortable. (You will need to provide your own camping gear.)


This workshop is open to everyone who is interested in the craft of timber-framing regardless of experience. We especially encourage women, people of color, immigrants, trans people, and queer people to attend. We value the participation of people with diverse life experiences, and seek age and gender diversity.


The workshop is limited to 15 attendees, and we encourage registering early.

To participate in our 2024 timber frame workshop, please click below to download our registration form.

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