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Host Your Event at Chinkapin Craftstead!

Event Application

Do you need a venue for your event, meeting, workshop, or performance?


Chinkapin Craftstead is accepting applications from individuals or organizations who are in need of a place to mount an event. Recent events at Chinkapin Craftstead have included a theatrical production, a fashion show, an herbal workshop, a timber frame workshop, an art exhibit, and several artist talks. Our cabin and indoor/outdoor pavilion, in addition to various outdoor spaces, can accommodate a variety of events for small or large groups.  


We strongly encourage women, people of color, immigrants, trans people, and queer people to apply. We value the participation of people with diverse life experiences and seek age and gender diversity.

We reserve the right to only accept proposals from individuals or groups whose events and intentions align with our mission. 

Please download the Event Application Form below:

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