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Orion Crook 

Orion Crook was our Summer 2022 Artist-In-Residence at Chinkapin Craftstead. During their stay, they gave both a workshop and an Artist Talk that connected participants with the ways that art creation can be used for healing and reflection.

Here are photos taken during Orion's residency:

























As a mixed media painter, Orion channels through conceptually collecting mediums found at their fingertips; while documenting a core of an experience, individuals, or that witch presents itself. Generally they are progressing a series of transcribing their own core; as an act of re-encountering, witnessing, and man(being)festing a transformative-action-imaginal center within their own body.   

Orion is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia and New York whose Atlanta office-studio holds space for adolescents and adults who are seeking to engage in a therapeutic-relationship-ritual. Their work is grounded in their Humanistic, Existential, and Transpersonal foundation from the University of West Georgia. Orion often encounters the lived struggles of trauma, gender, sexuality, and loss relationally with compassion, an ear for metaphors, and an interest in experiential Expressive Art Therapies as a means of healing. Ready at either’s fingertips is a watercolor station to access during session kept between client and therapist.


Orion founded and runs the TAR Project (Therapeutic Artists Residency), which offers artists free individual and group counseling with a dedication to healing the art making process as its core mission.

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