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Rewild Your Garden Workshop on Saturday, July 16, at 4:00 PM

Rewild Your Garden – Sustainable Practices in Gardening and Landscaping

As we convert more and more wild space into commercial, agricultural, and residential landscapes, we are disrupting the ecological communities that occur there, and contribute to the global environmental problems that we face. Gardeners can have a tremendous positive impact on the ecology of disrupted areas while also helping mitigate these larger scale problems.

By learning about and incorporating a few key principles in garden design and land maintenance routines, we can synchronize with the natural cycles that our local flora and fauna need to thrive – with the added benefit of reducing fossil fuel consumption, sequestering carbon, mitigating localized warming and flooding/drought, increasing biodiversity, and bringing back pollinators.

Join us on July 16, at 4:00 PM, for an informative talk guided by Laurel Robison about small and large-scale changes that gardeners can incorporate to make a positive local and global impact.

Laurel is a geologist for the US Government and works on technical design and construction for the remediation of megastructures such as dams and locks throughout the US. She is a hobbyist gardener and sustainability advocate focused on personal scale habitat restoration through gardening. She volunteers with the Wilson County Master Gardeners and is working with them to develop programs to enfranchise more volunteers into the gardening for wildlife movement and gain a wider reach through programmatic planning.

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