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Meet The Staff


Yaron “Dashboard” Schweizer  has been committed to community living and organizing--as well as to theatre acting and directing--for most of his life.  As a young adult, he lived in a kibbutz. Later, he studied acting in New York city. He moved to Cannon County in 1994 and hasn’t left since.  He was a member of the Eggplant Faerie Players Theatre Troupe, performing in Nashville and traveling the country with a couple of shows. 


In 2004, Dashboard and his partner joined some friends in a beautiful hollow near Woodbury and hand-built their off-grid house there. Most recently, he was the Facility Manager at the Arts Center of Cannon County where he also performed and directed.


Director of Operations


Director of Programs

Roqué Marcelo

Throughout his years of living in the south, Roqué has been involved in community building and advocacy work in the nonprofit and public sectors. As the Youth Programs Director at Time Out Youth in Charlotte, NC, he created and managed safe and affirming spaces, activities, and events for LGBTQ youth. He also helped to launch a statewide pilot program in Tennessee called Welcome Baby that was geared to assist families of new-born babies combat the high infant mortality rates in the state.

Creativity and artistic expression are integral components within all of the work that Roqué does. As a writer, musician, composer, filmmaker, performer, and visual artist, he has worked as a touring musician, mounted mulitimedia art exhibits, and made films reflecting his perspective as a queer Filipino immigrant living in America.

Board of Directors

President: Sandor Katz

Vice President: Beth Conklin

Secretary: Richard Northcutt

Treasurer: Faye Northcutt-Knox


Neal Appelbaum
Meredith Novak

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