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Chinkapin Craftstead is a non-profit organization focused on promoting arts and developing creative community in Middle Tennessee. Based on a beautiful farm in rural Cannon County, the Craftstead's Land Project is a place for building bridges through art-making, handcrafting, gardening, nature trails, events, and celebrations. We are an inclusive initiative committed to cultivating a safe space accessible to Queer and Trans people, Indigenous people, Black people, other people of color, and people with disabilities.

Growing on this land is a 400-year-old chinkapin oak tree, a witness to the many people who were here before us. Guided by its resilience and perseverance, we are committed to steward the land in a decolonial way and to center rematriation in our different projects.


Chinkapin Craftstead is a multi-use space where a variety of activities can happen, including:

  • art-making, art-sharing, and the telling of stories through art and performance.

  • crafts that build on the distinctive traditions, knowledge, and skills that have taken root
    in Cannon County and surrounding areas.


  • nature stewardship and environmental education through nature walks and other
    encounters with the extraordinary beauty of this land.


  • cultivating and nourishing healthy relations with plants and soil though gardening and


  • sharing and exploring heritages of healing knowledge and practices.

  • creating community with festivals, events, gatherings, celebrations, workshops, retreats,
    workdays, and performances.


  • facilitating and promoting the work of local artists and arts-related groups.

  • providing studio or workshop facilities and art-making opportunities for local and
    visiting artists.


  • developing initiatives in coordination with local and regional arts organizations, activist
    groups, and nonprofits.


  • providing opportunities and programming that are not offered by other groups or
    organizations in the area.

Whoever you are, we invite you to come experience and be inspired by the beauty of this land. Check out our programs, hike our trails, organize a retreat, learn a new craft, and become part of the community we are.

Chinkapin Craftstead Land Project

Crafting Art , Building Community, and Caring for the Land

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